Updated program for the Conference on Smart Specialization Strategies, 27 May, Sandviken

May 17, 2016

We are now only 10 days away from the stakeholder conference on Smart Specialization Strategies – the macroregional perspective, and we look very much forward to seeing you all for a day of interesting and timely workshops on the many aspect of smart specialization strategies. Please have a look at the updated program here.    

BSR Innovation Express 2016 Call Launch 2 May 2016

May 2, 2016

Based on positive experience with previous Innovation Express calls in 2013, 2014 and 2015, again this year BSR Stars launches a transnational call to support the internationalisation of SMEs – in 2016 with participation from the German Brandenburg region as special “cooperation partner”! The Innovation Express call is open between 2 May – 31 October 2016. Details on eligible applicants, application procedures, etc. are available in the call text on the Innovation Express webpage. Applications should be submitted via a unique, common online application portal. You can also register to attend this year’s cluster-to-cluster conference and matchmaking event “Internationalisation the Strategic Way” to be held in Warsaw 19-20 September at Innovation Express Cluster Matchmaking Conference 2016.

BSR Stars – Accelerating Innovation in the Baltic Sea Region

April 11, 2016

BSR Stars has developed into a support vessel for development of activities helping the Policy Area Innovation being implemented according to the Action Plan, and the upcoming Strategic Action Plan expected to be launched in July 2016. At this stage, BSR Stars is working with a number of project initiatives; both new Flagships as well as projects. The BSR Stars Secretariat team work jointly and share project ideas being developed at our weekly meeting, to ensure input by many Secretariat members as part of the project feedback. Read more in our latest newsletter

The 2015 BSR Stars Innovation Express call results in 27 new international collaboration projects, involving more than 1180 SMEs

December 16, 2015

The BSR Innovation Express call (open between 1 May – 30 October 2015) attracted 50 applications from cluster organisations and business networks in the six funding and extended partner countries. Of these, 40 have been approved – directly engaging 1186 SMEs in international innovation collaboration activities. Funding Partner Country Applications Received Approved Projects Denmark 27 23 Iceland 3 2 Lithuania 1 1 Norway 12 5 Sweden 11 5 Catalonia, Spain 4 4   23 applicants have teamed up in 10 joint projects (with 2 or more partners receiving funding). In addition to these joint projects, 17 more projects have been approved – resulting in a total of 27 new international collaboration projects (see overview of IE projects 2015). Project partners… Read more

Innovation Express Call Deadline 30 October – a chance to build on innovative combinations

October 13, 2015

The recent cluster-to-cluster matchmaking conference provided a forum for developing ideas for international collaboration. The Innovation Express call now provides an opportunity to act on these ideas for “innovative combinations” of clusters. The 3rd Cluster Matchmaking Conference “Innovation by Combination” (held in Copenhagen 17-18 September) gathered nearly 300 participants representing more than 150 clusters from 32 countries. And with 544 cluster-to-cluster matchmaking meetings, it became the biggest cluster matchmaking event so far. (See additional information about the conference including presentations and a video summary here.) Many ideas for cluster collaboration were developed at this event, and the Innovation Express call provides an opportunity to initiate action. Innovation Express is a joint call for proposals implemented within the framework of the… Read more

3rd Cluster Matchmaking Conference “Innovation by Combination”, 17-18 September

August 26, 2015

On the 17th and 18th of September 2015, Copenhagen will host the 3rd Cluster Matchmaking Conference. Even before the registration deadline nearly 260 participants representing over 135 clusters from 30 countries have signed up. The theme of this year’s Cluster Matchmaking Conference is “Innovation by Combination” since innovation occurs by combining forces, across clusters, across borders and across sectors. Therefore, this year’s event features an increased focus on cross cluster collaboration. The matchmaking event provides a unique opportunity to establish international collaboration with other clusters. At the matchmaking session cluster managers have 20 minutes for meeting with potential cooperation partners from other clusters. The pre-planned and pre-booked matchmaking meetings provide the possibility of eight meetings per cluster this leading to… Read more

BSR Stars Innovation Express 2015 – call launches 1 May

April 24, 2015

Based on positive experience with previous Innovation Express calls in 2013 and 2014, BSR Stars will again have a transnational call to support the internationalisation of SMEs – this year with participation from our ‘extended partner’ in Catalonia! The Innovation Express call will be open between 1 May – 30 October 2015. Details on eligible applicants, application procedures, etc. is available in the call text. Applications should be submitted via the application portal. You can also register to attend this year’s cluster-to-cluster conference and matchmaking event “Innovation by Combination” to be held in Copenhagen 17-18 September at:

Connect the RIS3 in the Baltic Sea Region in Vilnius, Lithuania

November 3, 2014

On 9 December the S3 Platform, the Priority Area Innovation of EU Strategy for Baltic Sea Region together with the Ministry of Economy of Lithuania invite you to the second workshop to connect the RIS3 in the Baltic Sea Region in Vilnius, Lithuania. The workshop is organised jointly with the Lithuanian International innovation conference 2014: Economy transformation: Step into the Future. More information and the agenda of the event can be found on our webpage The Workshop Connecting RIS3 in Baltic Sea Region will give a frame for exploring cooperation opportunities in order to tie the RIS3 across the Baltic Sea Region tighter together and you are welcome to present your ideas for collaboration. The workshop will bring forward work… Read more

Three weeks to go! Realise your cluster’s project idea to foster SMEs’ internationalisation through BSR Innovation Express

October 10, 2014

Do you have Ideas for collaborative projects that can foster SMEs’ access to knowledge, partners and markets and build international linkages and competitive strength? If you… – Know at least 3 small companies in your cluster/business network who could benefit from international activities in the Baltic Sea Region – Have a concrete idea/project plan that can be quickly realized – helping companies gain increased knowledge and competitive strength – Have at least one targeted partner in another country – Are geographically based in a Nordic country (where funding partners are located) …then the BSR Innovation Express call may be the “instrument” to help you realise your idea. Three weeks ago, more than 150 clusters from 23 countries gathered in Berlin for this year’s BSR… Read more

Commission’s report on the European Macro-Regional Strategies

May 26, 2014

The Commission has published a report concerning the Governance of Macro-Regional Strategies intended to draw up existing obstacles to implementation and necessary changes to improve impact and results of strategies. The interest in regional cooperation is growing as a respond to economic, social and environmental diversity and imbalances. The two present Macro-Regional strategies in the EU, the Baltic Sea Region and the Daube Region, are already bringing positive results but the Commission has come to the conclusion that further measures are needed. The report looks at the already existing strategies at the level of Political leadership and ownership (who gives strategic direction), Coordination (who is responsible for administrative coordination?) and Implementation (who should lead day-to-day implementation?) taking into account the… Read more

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