“Get smarter together in the Baltic Sea Region – taking innovation and smart specialisation across borders”


On the 6-7 of November 2013, the BSR conference “Get smarter together in the Baltic Sea Region” was held in Malmö, Sweden organized by VINNOVA, Tillväxtverket, Region Skåne, StarDust and the S3 Smart Specialisation Platform.

On the first day, we shared the achievements of our interregional and transnational cooperation of the last years. We presented the results of StarDust, the first implementation milestone of BSR Stars, and discussed our experience on how to establish international innovation platforms. In the afternoon session, ideas and concepts were pitched and the participants had the chance to meet innovative companies, clusters and regions that are engaged in creating strong competitive advantage for the Baltic Sea Region.

On the second day, we offered concrete opportunities to find synergies with other regions in the Baltic Sea Region and match with interesting partner regions to achieve something that you cannot do on your own. To increase the chances of matchmaking between actors the day was structured in two thematically focused sessions, e-Health and Smart Cities, but also a third, open session for any other theme of your choice. Main target groups were regional governments together with stakeholders involved in the governance of the Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) with an interest in Baltic Sea Region Cooperation.

The conference agenda can be downloaded and the whole event is available as a webcast on Vinnovas YouTube channel!

Collected documents and presentation from the conference are available here:
6th of November
Welcome by BSR Stars – Marek Przeor
Welcome by BSR Stars – Karin Nygård Skalman
Inspiration from the Stars – MarChain
Inspiration from the Stars – BSR Food
Inspiration from the Stars – Comfort in living
Inspiration from the Stars – Active for Life
Inspiration from the Stars – Clean Water
Taking innovation across borders – Örjan Sölvell
Regional & Cluster Competitiveness in the Baltic Sea Region
Taking innovation across borders – Jukka Saarinen
Models for International Innovation Policy: Transnational Channels and Regional Platforms
Taking innovation across borders – Björn Ekelund
Pitching – Clean Water
The importance of cross border cooperation – Petri Räsänen
The importance of cross border cooperation – Karin Maguire
Financial instruments – Daniel Kronmann
Financial instruments – Alexander Schenk
Financial instruments – Jason Martinez
7th of November
Smart Specialsiation in the BSR – Jens Sörvik, Inger Midtkandal
Regions and innovation collaboration acress borders – Karen Maguire

Smart Cities
Smart cities – Introduction
BaltKIC RIS3 – Kazik Anhalt
European perspectives on Smart Cities and Communities – Miimu Airaksinen
Smart cities – City of Hamburg, Thomas Jacob
Smart cities – Estonia, Kristjan Lepik
Smart cities – Skåne, Mikael Edelstam
Smart cities – Tampere Region, Petri Räsänen

Open session
Open session – Alexander Schwock
Open session – Anna Ntinidou
Open session – Kristiina Jokelainen, Kaj Kostiander, Harri Malinen
Open session – Netmatch RIS3
Open session – Reijo Tuokko
Open session – Artur Bartkowiak

eHealth – Introduction, Mikaela Nordenfelt, Marie-Louise Eriksson
eHealth – Anna Sachinopoulou, Mikko Väisänen
eHealth – Liisa Parv
eHealth – Bengt Stavenow
eHealth – Eibhilin Manning